High Performance Mindset with Dave Southwood

As part of our ShortTalks series we are talking to a wide range of individuals about topics that we think could be of use in our businesses and our jobs.  In this episode we talk with one of the UK’s top test pilots, Dave Southwood about having a High Performance Mindset, and what to do when things don’t quite go to plan. You can hear Dave talk about the approach he took when faced with a number of potentially catastrophic situations, and resolved them safely and calmly.
Dave Southwood is one of the UK’s leading Test pilots, with over 40 years flying experience in the RAF. Dave has operated in overland and maritime strike/attack roles, then moving into Test Pilot work at the Empire Test Pilot’s School at Boscombe Down. Dave has flown a huge array of aircraft, ranging from Tornado F2, Phantom and Hunter, as well as a passion for flying World War II vintage aircraft.  Dave has an immense depth of knowledge and it was fascinating to talk to him about how he processes situation when faced with the unexpected. Click here to see the full video.