Women in Tech with Amanda Muela: 'Are you supported by the culture of the people you're working with?'



ShortList Women in Tech Series are interviews to women in tech roles. With them, we aim to promote diversity in the workplace as well as to help reduce the gender gap, proving that IT is also for women.

Amanda Muela is a Senior Product Designer at Cisco in Texas, US, where she is currently supporting a new generation of thinkers and leaders. Before landing at Duo Security, company acquired in 2018 by Cisco, Amanda also had the opportunity to solve problems for social enterprise software, banking, retail and security industries. She takes pride in advocating for people needs, exploring what could be, and delivering outcomes.

During the interview, Amanda talked about the importance of feeling represented by the culture of the company we work for, and also about the stereotypes she had to face at the beginning of her career. "You're young and you're female, that's why they are not listening to you", she heard from the management. But Amanda didn't give up and found a way for her voice to be heard. Do you want to know how? Watch the video above! 


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