Women in Tech with Samantha Coyle: "Aspire to inspire"



ShortList Women in Tech Series are interviews to women in tech roles. With them, we aim to promote diversity in the workplace as well as to help reduce the gender gap, proving that IT is also for women.

Samantha Coyle is a Software Engineer at Intel Corporation in Texas, US. She is an identical twin who has had a unique experience entering the field with her Software Engineer siblings. Samantha loves solving challenging problems and her goal is to further develop her skill set and career as an engineer. Also, she believes that we can all flourish in an environment that cultivates diversity, inclusion, and caffeinated curiosity.

Samantha mentioned she had to face some tough moments at College. During this time, her sister and she were the only women in the classroom, however she was able to get through those days thanks to the company of her twin, who did the same studies. Now, Samantha is glad to have found a company like Intel Corporation to work for, where diversity is not just a topic to discuss, but it is also a reality that makes their employees feel welcomed and in a safe environment to achieve their full growth potential. 

Finally, Samantha left a message for other women and girls wanting to pursue a career in Technology, do you want to hear it? Watch the video above!


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