The Unrealistic Fears People Have About AI vs the Real Threats - with Angeliki Patsiavou

16/11/2023 | Izzie Warburton

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Sarah Jones was joined by Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Senior Consultant and Microsoft MVP, Angeliki Patsiavou.

For her first solo VRT, Angeliki spoke about 'Your biggest investment: from tech to human empowerment.'

With the fast-paced evolution of AI capabilities and all the advancements of low/ no-code development, there has not been a better time to invest in people.

Yet, we see so many implementations fail because the emphasis has always been on technical delivery.

This event discusses what are the key pillars to build a strong connection between the business vision and your users.

And more importantly, how do we make sure they become the right pilot to every Copilot?

Here is a clip from the full recording of the event where Angeliki debunks the unrealistic fears people have about AI vs the actual threats.

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