Joining (and Staying in) the IT Industry: 9 Myths Deterring Women

07/09/2024 | Sarah Jones

With over 15 years in the technology sector, Areti is the Head of Professional Services within the Microsoft Business Applications division of Telefonica Tech. She oversees operations, finances, personnel, delivery, and governance. Formerly a Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Solution Architect, she is passionate about community engagement and advancing careers, especially for women and underrepresented groups.

How diverse is your IT team? The Tech Industry often carries misconceptions as to who it consists of with the stereotype being geeky introverts and mainly male.

But the reality really is quite different - the IT industry and particularly the world of Microsoft partners, the Microsoft Community and those working within Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform is diverse, global and full of individuals from different backgrounds and age groups.

And yet there are myths that deter women from joining (and staying) within the IT Industry when they really are not true at all. Watch Areti as she shares her own experiences and goes through the 9 myths she has seen hold us back, why they shouldn't and what we can all do to dispel them.

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