What are Deep Fake Candidates?

02/08/2024 | Kyle Smyth

Kyle Smyth was joined by both Mireille Ghercioiu and Nick Roman for their event on 'What are Deep Fake Candidates?'.

Mireille has worked in hi-tech for more than 30 years. Most recently as a recruiter & Deep Fake Consultant. She first encountered Deep Fake Candidates when she was an operations manager at Indeed.com. She is passionate about efficiency and has developed a step-by-step process to identify and remove fake candidates from the interview pipeline as soon as possible.

Nick has over a decade of experience in Tech Recruiting. He's experienced fake candidates throughout his entire recruiting career; ranging from in-person at the client site to remote interviewing farms from across the world.

Nick is passionate about the candidate experience through the use of automation and AI and founded Meyowza.com to better serve Job Seekers and Clients.

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