Not All Solutions Are Equal

17/04/2024 | Izzie Warburton

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Here's a quick clip from Simon Owen's VRT where he discusses how not all solutions are the same.

Click the link below to watch the full recording of the event!

Microsoft’s Mission is to “empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more”

From a Power Platform perspective, we can look at this as growing citizen development across an organisation through changing and embedding behaviours so people work and solve problems differently than they might do today… But why? And how?

We know that we need a safe, secure, and scalable platform configured. One that’s surrounded by the right processes to help people and provide the right size of governance, and that we need to connect across an organisation to implement it… We need a Centre of Excellence (CoE).

But how do you change behaviours so people realise they CAN start, learn, solve problems and change their organisation, their work, themselves, and their lives.

Throughout this story, Simon Owen shared how Power Platform, and transforming others, has dramatically changed the last 5 years of his varied career!

Power Platform - Virtual Round Table Clip

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