Scottish Power Platform User Group Halloween Special

10/11/2023 | Izzie Warburton

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Last week, Sarah Jones spoke at the Scottish Power Platform User Group.

She joined a line up of Power Platform superstars Josh Giles, Agnius Bartninkas, and Graeme Donnell to share valuable insights on career and CV guidance, and offered valuable tips for employers on how to attract and retain top talent in today's competitive job market.

Huge thanks to the organisers Stuart Baxter, Keith Atherton, and Charlie Phipps for their continued support for Sarah and ShortList Recruitment.

Event Description

Agnius Bartninkas - A Deep Dive into Advanced Error Handling and Logging in Power Automate In this session, we will explore the advanced error-handling features of Microsoft Power Automate Desktop (PAD) and demonstrate how to use them to build robust and resilient solutions. You'll also get guidance on how to efficiently log information during runtime of PAD flows, as well as monitor them in real-time using appropriate monitoring tools. As adoption of the Power Platform grows, so does the need to make sure that the solutions built with it are stable and reliable. Although the platform offers various features for error-handling during runtime, many developers may not be familiar with these features or how to use them effectively. This session aims to equip you with the skills you need to error-proof your automations and make sure they are efficient, robust, and can be easy to monitor. You'll learn how to leverage the advanced error-handling features of Power Automate Desktop to build resilient solutions, how to log information during runtime, and how to monitor the flows in real-time using the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana). This session will be delivered as a hands-on demo, providing you with the opportunity to see how to build resilient and robust solutions in practice. After this session, you'll have a deeper understanding of the advanced error-handling features of Power Automate Desktop and how to use them effectively to build robust and resilient flows. You will also learn how to log important information during runtime of your flows and how to use those logs to monitor your flows remotely. You will see it in action as we will build flows using these technologies during the demo. Sarah Jones - Q & A session A chance to discuss how to get into Power Platform or further your career from a recruiting legend! Sarah will also be answering questions about Virtual Round Tables and how they have helped the community. Josh Giles - Exploring App convergence within model-driven applications Explore app convergence in this session targeted at showcasing how you can build tailored app experiences within model-driven apps. The session will demonstrate the following: Custom pages and how these can be used to create customised forms, views and more! Modern command bar: When to use it and use cases in which it could be considered. Low-code plugins: An overview of what they are, and how these can be used to accelerate business logic and processes. Graeme Donnell - Copilot in Dynamics 365 Sales An overview of Copilot, the components which come together to form it before a brief demonstration of Copilot in a sales process scenario. Showing features such as email drafting, summarising records, overviews of email threads.

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