Tech Task Showdown Series Introduction

05/02/2024 | Izzie Warburton

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We are back with a brand new series - Tech Task Showdown!

Each week, we will be speaking to senior developers and getting them to break down, score and rank, 5 of the most prevalent test types that we see given to developers in the hiring process.

The 5 tech tasks we have identified are:

1) In-house custom-made tests

2) Off the shelf online tests - e.g. Testdome

3) Case study type tests

4) Pair programming code reviews

5) On-site timed tasks

Each of these tests will be rated on a number of factors which include:

- Costing (Is this method cost effective for the business?)

- Effectiveness (How accurate is this type of test in rating a candidate's capability to do the job?)

- Fakeability (How difficult is it for the candidate to be able to cheat?)

- Relevance (How relevant is this type of testing in relation to a commercial setting?)

- Popularity (How popular is this method among developers?)

These ratings would be scored from 0 – 10. 0 being the worst score = Terrible. 10 being the best score = Amazing.

After giving their insights into the different types of tasks, the interviewee will discuss what is the best type of tech task that they have been asked to complete!

This is going to be an incredible series where we will be able to capture a range of perspectives on one of the biggest factors in the hiring process.

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