What Does the Future Look like for Microsoft?

23/04/2024 | Izzie Warburton

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In this clip, Microsoft BizApps Tech Seller Dayvisson DaSilva discusses what the future looks like for Microsoft looks like with the progression of AI.

The full recording "A Day in the Life of a BizApps Tech Seller" is available to watch on our channel through this link👇


Cally Reeve was joined by Dayvisson DaSilva for his event "A Day in the Life of a BizApps Tech Seller!"

Dayvisson is a Business Applications Solution Specialist at Microsoft, where he dedicates himself to assisting non-profit organizations in achieving their missions and goals through the utilization of cloud technology solutions like Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

With over six years of experience in cloud sales and SaaS, he is deeply committed to fostering positive social impact through digital transformation.

As a co-founder of Calango, a 501(c)(3) Ed-Tech Non-profit organization, he envisions empowering college students and recent graduates to realize their aspirations of securing their dream jobs.

Possessing fluency in multiple languages including English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and holding dual citizenship in the U.S. and Brazil, he earned his MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

His extensive background in business development, customer relationship management, and sales strategy spans across both profit and non-profit sectors.

Additionally, he serves as an online adjunct instructor for an interpersonal communications class at Brigham Young University - Idaho, leveraging his expertise to educate and guide students.

As a passionate career coach strategist, he has played a pivotal role in assisting numerous professionals and students in attaining their desired career objectives.

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