Women in tech with Lindsay Daniels: ‘Give everybody a safe space to be themselves’

30/09/2022 | Tom Wilde

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ShortList Women in Tech Series are interviews with women in tech roles. With them, we aim to promote diversity in the workplace as well as to help reduce the gender gap, proving that IT is also for women.

Lindsey Daniels is Head of IT Performance & Governance at Places for People. She was shortlisted for Digital Leader of the Year and Outstanding Transformation at the Women in Tech Excellence Awards 2021.

Lindsey likes to get involved in the recruitment process of her company, because “your success completely is the result of the people that you have on your team”. Lindsey thinks that you have to “give everybody a safe space to be themselves because that is what makes us strong”.

“In terms of management style, I think it’s coaching other people to be more open to different ways of thinking, and different ways of doing things. And to help to create a safe space where people feel they really can be themselves”, says Lindsey, who also believes that the more diverse a team is, the stronger it gets.

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