Compact Data Science: Absolute Beginners

06/22/2023 | Billy Thompson

Join Billy Thompson as he hosts Angel Salazar, PhD for an enlightening and engaging talk on the Compact Data Science series.

A die-hard engineer, Angel provides consulting services to disruptive tech start-ups and corporate clients. This hybrid mindset enabled him to envision and spark innovation at scale. He is the editor of the “Compact Data Science”, “Limitless: Augmenting Human Potential with Generative AI”, and “The Quest for the Master Algorithm” Series.

This event is tailored for both beginner data scientists and business professionals who want to acquire a comprehensive understanding of data science from an introductory standpoint.

In this presentation, Dr Angel Salazar takes you on a journey through the entire data science workflow, unveiling the core skills, techniques, and principles in a concise and accessible manner. The emphasis is on cultivating an appreciation for the immense value of data science while building confidence in understanding its main concepts, skills, and techniques. Using simple examples and relatable analogies, he explores the "Why" and "What" behind data-driven analysis, making it an ideal stepping stone for beginners in the field.

Join us for an unforgettable afternoon that will set you on the path to success in the world of data-driven analysis.

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