Embracing and supporting ADHD in Technology: A Personal Journey

03/20/2024 | Sarah Jones

Jon shares his personal journey with ADHD, emphasizing its influence on his life and tech career.

He highlights his unique coping strategies, like blogging and meticulous organization, to manage ADHD-related challenges.

Reflecting on his educational experiences and professional growth, Jon illustrates how ADHD shapes his approach to technology, enabled by his excellent company ANS Group, he speaks about client interactions, and personal development, underscoring the importance of embracing neurodiversity in the workplace.

Amy shares how you can support those that you work with who are neurodiverse. As a Mother and Wife who supports her family with their ADHD, Amy also brings her skills to the workplace.

Working as a Project Manager at ANS, Amy is also a founding member and Co-chair of the ANS Neurodiversity Group, The Squirrel Club.

Taking experience from her personal life and her continuing work with The Squirrel Club, Amy shares why clubs like the one at ANS should exist within organisations and how a few minor tweaks to the work day can help support colleagues such as Jon with their work day.

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