How Fabric is Weaving into Power Platform

12/07/2023 | Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones will be joined by Claire Edgson, a Global Lead Solution Architect Power Platform at Avanade, for her event 'How Fabric is Weaving into Power Platform.'

Claire is a recognized Microsoft Fast Track Architect with over 30 years of experience in Data Analytics, Infrastructure, and Integration Architecture, including 20+ years with Microsoft Business Applications and Azure.

With six years of hands-on expertise in Power Platform architecture, she specializes in Dataverse (CDS), SharePoint, SQL, Azure cognitive services, Azure Blob, and Azure data lakes. Claire is passionate about knowledge-sharing, focusing on Security, Governance, and Power Platform Integrations.

Dive into how Fabric and Power Platform are becoming interwoven from an admin and governance standpoint as well as how Power Platform Low-Code works so well with Fabric Low-Code.

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