Microsoft Power Platform as a Career in Tech

05/23/2024 | Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones will be joined by Rachel Irabor for her event 'Microsoft Power Platform as a Career in Tech!'

Rachel is a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft business applications, a Power Platform and Dynamics 365 CRM Developer. She is passionate about community building and contributing to the community. During her free time, she loves reading movies and watching comedy movies.

In tech today, we see so many careers and how amazing they are. The Microsoft Power Platform career path runs around the line of so many career paths, examples UI, Azure DevOps, Frontend and Backend Engineers, Software Engineers and so many others. Let’s talk about transitioning into Power Platform and how skills from previous roles are easily transferable.

At this event, we will be discussing the benefits of Power Platform as a career path and how it improves our general knowledge of other lines of tech.

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