Power Automate Mastery: Error Handling in Cloud Flows

03/07/2024 | Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones will be joined by Agnius Bartninkas for his event 'Power Automate Mastery: Error Handling in Cloud Flows!'

Agnius possesses over 5 years of accomplished leadership in a process improvement and automation agency, with a specialization in RPA using MS Power Automate (and the suite by Softomotive prior to 2020).

He has overseen the successful delivery of over 100 projects to more than 50 clients worldwide, either through direct personal involvement or by managing a team of developers.

Agnius has personally taken on the responsibility of training over 10 RPA developers to adeptly work with the Power Platform and other associated software.

In this session, focused on Microsoft Power Automate cloud flows, we will explore the advanced error-handling features of the tool and demonstrate how to use them to build robust and resilient solutions.

You will also get guidance on how to efficiently review and monitor your flows, as well as get detailed error reports when things don't go the way they should.

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