Low Code Plugins & Dataverse Accelerator App

05/09/2024 | Sarah Jones

Join us for an in-depth session on all things Low Code Plugins and Dataverse Accelerator with Microsoft MVP and Capgemini Consultant Nathan Rose.

Nathan's garnered a reputation over the past few years as "kinda the PowerFx guy…." as he's passionate about Low Code's ability to empower citizen and pro devs alike!

In this session, we'll get hands-on with the Dataverse Accelerator App including:

• Why this is such a big deal
• Instant vs automated Plugins

• Extending plugins with connections to other data services

• Interacting with Power Automate


• Any other weird and wonderful scenarios Nathan thinks of between now and the VRT!

Sign up today to see why PowerFx Low Code Plugins will transform your Dataverse projects in the near future!

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